About the project

Mapping the world of soundtracks

FMDB is a non-profit project with the aim of providing a comprehensive and detailed database of soundtrack releases and recordings.

We want to give people the opportunity to browse the vast world of soundtracks. It is important to us to collect information and present it clearly.

  • Credits See who the artists for a recording are and browse through their contributions.
  • View upcoming releases and subscribe to a calendar.
  • Search and filter through all releases to find new interesting soundtracks.

Privacy first

Unlike other sites, we do not use third-party tracking, advertising, affiliate links or other techniques that violate privacy. We firmly believe that a project like FMDB can only work if it is independent and serves the common good. If you would like to support our project, we would be happy to receive a voluntary or regular donation.

Content Guidelines

Only official or licensed soundtracks will be listed in the database. This ensures the integrity and reliability of the information provided, aligning with the project's aim to be a trusted resource in the field of soundtracks.